Atlanta Interim Police Chief devises plan to stop racing; potentially endangering citizens again by using GA State Patrol to chase suspects

“It is every night. It is sometimes all day,” another resident said. “We are so afraid someone is going to get killed.”

After hearing from the public, interim Atlanta police Chief Rodney Bryant weighed in.

He used a PowerPoint presentation to provide new data. Since the beginning of the year, he said officers have issued nearly 500 citations to drivers accused of breaking laws.

“These charges are anywhere from racing on our highways and streets, laying drag, reckless driving,” Bryant said.

He also discussed a new strategy that includes officers stepping up patrols in Buckhead, midtown and downtown — the three most problematic neighborhoods in the city when it comes to street racing.

“Over the weekend, we utilized that strategy and were able to write over 202 citations with a total of 255 traffic stops,” Bryant said.

Bryant also fielded questions from City Council members.

“How are you able to catch these racers given the fact there’s a ‘no chase’ policy?” one council member asked Bryant.

“In partnership with Georgia State Patrol, who does have the ability to chase. They will carry out that part of it,” Bryant said.

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